First of all, MARSA offers a friendly, safe and confidential environment. MARSA staff is not there for judging you, but only for helping in finding out answers to all of your questions regarding STIS.
Basically, MARSA works following an holistic approach. STI tests, not only offering free tests, but also facilitating the test of other STIs that require more time, money and effort from the patient point of view.
In fact for STI tests MARSA has subsidized prices and take care completely of tests themselves. In terms of contacting doctors, arranging the appointment in MARSA studio, bringing the sample directly in the hospital and taking the results back to MARSA, so you will not be expected of juggling among all of these steps in an environment you might not know and with very high stress level.

Syphilis test has a subsidized price, HIV, HEPATITIS B and C are for free.


These STI tests consist simply in taking a sample from your private parts. The sample is taking according to your sexual behaviors and genital parts, so all the LGBT can perform it, but taking different types of sample. These are the samples divided by category:

         Vaginal sample
        Urine sample and Penis sample
Urine sample, Penis sample, Oral sample and Anal sample

Pap Smear is done together with HPV test only for women, because it the test for testing if there are suspicious cells in your cervix. It depends on the type of the cells, but some of them if not treated can lead to cervix cancer.
MTF transgenders that had already completed the entire process, should get tested as well for the same reason, but pap smear in neo vaginas are not indicated. It is better to perform a periodic visual inspection, looking for genital warts or other lesions. If the STI is suspected it is better to do a culture swab.



Now you can directly arranging a test using this page. Mention the test you would like to do and send the message.


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