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Sexually transmitted infections (STI) is a term used to describe different infections that are transmitted through exchange of vaginal fluids, semen, blood, and other body fluids or by direct contact with the affected body areas of people with STIs. Sexually transmitted infections are also called venereal diseases.

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In the images below you can find how STIs can spread according to 8 different ways of transmission.

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1. Myth: Only straight people get STIs.

Fact: STIs don’t discriminate. Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders can get STis.

2. Myth: If somebody has an STI, it can be noticed by the appearance of symptoms. You look sickish.

Fact: There’s often no sign that a person has an STI. Testing is the only sure way of knowing if you or someone else is infected.

3. Myth: STIs can be avoided by having only oral sex.

Fact: Where there’s unprotected sex (oral, anal, vaginal, just sexual contact, use of sex toys and fingering), there can be STIs.

4. Myth: Once you’ve had an STI, there’s no chance of getting it again. You are safe again.

Fact: It is possible to get some STIs more than once.

5. Myth: If you get checked and you’re STI free, your partner doesn’t need to get checked as well.

Fact: Your partner could have an STI without knowing it.

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Here there is a list of 14 different STIS. Roll over on the STI you want to know more about and wait for a grey circle to appear. For discovering all the information you want, click on the i icon that you can find in the grey circle. A slideshow with all the answers related to that specific STI will appear in your help.


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