Helem’s primary goal is the annulment of article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code which punishes “unnatural sexual intercourse”. This law is primarily used to target persons with non-conforming sexuality or gender identity, through the violation of privacy and by denial of basic human rights. The abolishment of this law, along with other laws that criminalize non-conforming sexuality or gender identity will pave the way to achieving equality for the LGBT community in Lebanon.

Another main objective is to counter the AIDS epidemic and other sexually transmitted diseases while advocating for the rights of patients and combatting stigma.

Helem leads a peaceful struggle for the liberation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgendered (LGBT), and other persons with non-conforming sexuality or gender identity in Lebanon from all sorts of violations of civil, political, economic, social, or cultural rights.


It is a non-governmental non-profit organization. 

1. Abolish Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code 534, that punishes ‘sexual intercourse contrary to nature’, and is used to criminalize same-sex and encourages habitual violation of human rights in a culture of impunity; to guarantee a legal framework that protects the personal freedoms of individuals and does not interfere in them.

2.End discrimination against LGBTIQ individuals in schools and universities and to remove books and academic references that promote hatred.

3. Eliminate all forms of discrimination against women, including their  right to pass their nationality to their children.

4. Separate religion from the affairs of the state and the lives of people.

Zico House, Yamout Bldg, 1st floor
174 Spears Street

Zarif 2040 3005
Beirut, Lebanon

HelpLine 70 123687

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The main objective of the center is to provide social, psychological, and medical services to all sexually active individuals in Lebanon regardless of gender, age, and sexual orientation in complete confidentiality.
Marsa sexual health center provides comprehensive, primary and secondary healthcare services with a multidisciplinary team in a safe, welcoming, accessible and friendly environment that is free of judgment and bias with a focus on more economically disadvantaged populations.

The services include medical, social and psychological consultations as well as awareness campaigns to ensure that information, resources, support, and services of the highest quality regarding sexuality are available and accessible to all those who need them in the community.

The following services at subsidized prices:

1. Free Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C through the rapid test with pre and post test counseling;

2. Medical consultations and treatment for symptoms related to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) by medical doctors;

3. Referral to laboratory testing for sexually transmitted infections;

4. Free Psychological counseling for People Living With HIV;

5. Free social counseling and follow-up;

Beirut, Hamra, Clemenceau, next to Haigazian University,

Mexico Street, Myrtom House Building, 2nd Floor.

Tel./Fax: +961 1 737647

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The goal is to create a safe space in Lebanon where queer women and transgender persons can meet, talk, discuss issues, share experiences, and work on improving their lives and themselves.

The group was created on the idea that women should be encouraged to empower themselves and each other through mutual support. It is a closed, private group, not out of fear, working hard on guarding the safety and security of the members. Meem believes in empowerment through self-organizing.

Meem is based on values of empowerment, support, confidentiality, and respect.

Membership in Meem is restricted only to LBQ women and Transgendered persons who are Lebanese. These restrictions are there because a support group needs to remain focused. Meem started with 4 members and today has over 350 members.

Meem is, however, working on providing support services for lesbians, queers and transgenders all over the Arab world, and welcomes emails and inquiries from anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, and geography.

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The core activity of SKOUN is treatment. Supplementary activities are prevention, social reintegration, information, research and legal lobbying.

SKOUN evolves through the expansion of its activities and by becoming a reference on addictions. SKOUN helps support recovery in the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by drug dependency and related diseases. These goal are accomplished through recovery services, education, publishing and research.

SKOUN advocates for the prevention of drug dependency and other addictions, and will initiate innovative treatment and services for a better-adapted healthcare system for drug users in Lebanon.

SKOUN offers a services set:

1. Recognizes the different behavioral usages and treats accordingly;

2. Treats drug users with dignity and respect;

3. Offers counseling and support to families and communities affected by drug misuse;

4. Offer drug-treatment facilities that evolve with the needs of its “patients”;

5. Initiates appropriate health education and prevention programs.

97 Monot St, Nakhle building, 5th floor

20272101 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 202 714


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